Music for School - Free Lesson Plans


                         TEACHING PROCESS:

  1. 1)Teach rhythms for Intro via body percussion   

     (ti-ti = patsch-clap - syncopated rhythm is clapped)

  1. 2)Say Poem, adding a Snap for each *    

      Students snap while you say poem.

  1. 3)Students echo words and sixteenth note pattern

      (tikitiki for four sixteenth notes)

  1. 4)Teach A’ and B the same way, with a visual

      through echoing

  1. 5)Divide class into groups. Each group creates their

     own arrangement on pitched and unpitched     

     percussion, transferring the rhythm of the words

     and body percussion to instruments.

  1. 6) Perform as an instrumental piece.

  1. 7) Listen to Kabelevsky’s arrangement of this piece.

  1. 8) The students will have many opinions to express

      about the differences between their work and his.

                            Kabalevsky    Comedian’s Galop, op. 26



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